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Lifestyle Solutions


Global Lifestyle Solutions    

Humanity’s collective challenge is to ensure our economic and other activities remain within the biophysical limits of the ecosystems upon which we depend for our survival and well being. International agreements and practices are needed to achieve this goal (see Attractive Solutions for a range of options, and Areas of Concern for specific recommendations regarding priority areas) (more on Global Lifestyle Solutions to come)


National Lifestyle Solutions   

The absolute levels and wide discrepancies among nations regarding their current use of the earth’s limited resources are unsustainable.  The big challenges are to implement national policies and practices which acknowledge global limits, and agreement regarding a fair means of sharing within these limits. Focusing on human well being rather than material consumption would go a long way toward sustainable scale. (more to come)


Urban Planning Lifestyle Solutions   

Global and national policies eventually find their expression at the local level. Designing and maintaining sustainable cities, taking into account cities’ footprints beyond their borders, is possible using a variety of innovative approaches.(more to come)


Individual Lifestyle Solutions    

Ultimately, the choices each of us makes with respect to how we use the earth’s resources will determine humanity’s future.  A wide variety of individual lifestyle choices are currently available, and could be expanded and enhanced significantly by policies and programs at all levels of government.(more to come)


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